ZEON regards CSR activity as all activities undertaken in order to continue being “a company trusted and valued by society.” With each employee acting in awareness of CSR, we will thoroughly enact compliance and contribute to the global environment and sustainable development through corporate activities.


CSR - DIW 2017









Donation for School


Offering food


The candle for Lent day


Donation with Policeman

Beverage for Employee

New year greeting with neighborhood

5S with community

Donation for Children day

Local Market Fair




200211044 yutaka2 200211042

CSR Rayong Project certification

ceremony. ZAP  was also certified in 2012.

The CSR policy and pictures of activities

are displayed in the hallway as

a constant reminder of the CSR

activities being implemented.

ZAP holds a Safety Week every year.

The event is to promote self-awareness of

safety issues within the company.

Companies in the industrial park,

local residents, and local governments

are invited to participate.



Business activities and social contribution in Thailand

Awareness of environmental issues is also increasing in Thailand. In

particular, regulations are becoming stricter for new businesses at the

petroleum industrial complex in the Maptaphut district where ZCT is located.

ZCT and ZAP focus on environmental issues when carrying out operations.

ZCT is especially careful in its environmental management,as it

operates a chemical plant. From 2000, we have been publishing

an environmental report. We plan to continue to focus on CSR activities

to become a company that is appreciated by the local community

and residents.


Yutaka Isozaki
President of ZEON Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd. and
Director of ZEON Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd.