Manatement Policy

1. Ensure safety in the workplace
2. Achieve sales volume and profit plan
3. Continuous promotion of productivity improvement and cost reduction activities
4. Maintain and improve ISO activities
5. Thorough implementation of CSR
We aim to be the No. 1 mass production plant in Asia for consistent quality and safety, with employees with high ambitions and pride.



  CSR Policy


             ZEON will contribute to the preservation of the Earth and the prosperity of the human race.

In keeping with its name, which derives from the Greek words "geo" (the Earth) and "eon" (eternity), ZEON will contribute to the 

sustainable development of people, society and the global environment through innovative world-class technolagies.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2017                                                                          2017

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We will ensure compliance and meet society's needs for safety and security.  

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We will ensure that each and every ZEON person is aware of CSR and acts accordingly.

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We will contribute to sustainably developing society and protecting the global environment through our corporate activities.





           ZEON ADVANCED POLYMIX CO., LTD. Is manufacturer of Rubber compound supporting the rubber part industrial challenge to Quality & Environmental occupational health safety and energy conservation management.




1.  ZAP shall continue to build up the satisfaction among customers.


2.  Developing continual improvement of quality system.


3.  Providing competitive products as the leader.


4.  Enhancing special knowledge of rubber compounded and others to all employees.


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1.  The company shall comply with relevant environmental, occupational health, safety and energy conservation legislation and others regulations from external parties.


2.  Activities in which affect to the environmental, occupational health and safety of the company shall be planned to prevention of pollution, injury and ill health, reduce risk and continual improvement.


3.  Objectives and targets or management programmers shall be established to reduce cost of waste management, reduce risk of company's activities to acceptable level and keep improving efficiency of eletricity consumption contibually.


4.  The company shall promote and develop activities for better awareness and understanding of environmental, occupational health, safety and energy conservation.


5.  The company shall arrange appropriate resources for serving environmental, occupational health, safety and energy conservation.


6.  The environmental, occupational health, safety and energy conservation policy shall be available through the organization, person working under the control of the organization as well as the public.


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